Buying art is easy!

ART FROM THE WEB PAGE: If you see a piece of art you like here (and it’s not marked “sold”), just send me an email. I don’t charge shipping for anything sent in the continental United States.

COMMISSIONS: Want to see your pets or family in dryer lint? My minimum fee for a commission is $500 for an 11 x 14 piece framed. Larger sizes are more expensive. All my commissions use museum glass (which reduces glare). Please email me if you wish to discuss a commission.

PRINTS: Prints are individually signed, numbered and mounted. They’re standard 8 1/2 x 11 size. Let me know if there is a piece you want, but understand that all prints are limited in number (which increases their value) so if a series is sold out, you may not be able to get that particular piece. Email me for details.

PAYMENT: The best way to pay me is through PayPal, sent to my account at PayPal can accept your credit cards, so you don’t have to have a PayPal balance to do this. Because of problems with scam artists, I no longer accept checks.

NFTs:  I do not sell my art for NFTs so stop asking!

Having breakfast outside of the Pennsylvania State Museum, where my work was being displayed