On the weekend of April 24th, I will be an artist guest at Ravencon, a science fiction and fantasy convention in my hometown of Richmond. I’ll be on a few panels and will be one of the judges of the Masquerade competition. It’s always great to be there and I hope I will see you there as well! splash

New pieces at A Mano Galleries

With the recent sale of “Dali in Dryer Lint” (sold to Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum) combined with “Warhol in Dryer Lint” and “Picasso in Dryer Lint”  (sold to an art collector), I had to rush work down to A Mano Galleries in Lambertville, New Jersey to fill empty spots on their wall. Stop by there and see “Da Vinci” and “Van Gogh”!

Dr. Who!

Look at this! A Dr. Who fan bought my dryer lint portrait of David Tennant and had him sign it. He was apparently very impressed!