My Balticon schedule

I’ll be a guest artist at the Balticon convention in Baltimore this weekend (May 24 – 27). I’ll have work in the art show and will be on a few discussion panels about costuming. Here’s my schedule!

Tools for Crafting: What’s Worth It? (Friday 6pm) With Pavlina Gardner (moderator), Dame Dahlia, Karen Schnaubelt, Heidi Hooper. Tools can get very expensive, and costumers and crafters need a lot of them. Which items are worth a splurge, which should you buy on sale, and which can you get for free?

Fabric Embellishment (Saturday 3pm) With Carol Salemi, Alanna Whitestar, Heidi Hooper. Embellishment is one way to make a costume really pop on stage and adds depth when seen up close. Come learn about beads, rhinestones, soutache, and other techniques for enhancing your look.

From Design to Reality (Sunday 11am) With Gaia Eirich (moderator), Betsy Marks Delaney, Lisa Ashton, Alanna Whitestar, Heidi Hooper. How to select patterns, pick appropriate fabrics, and other skills required for turning two-dimensional idea into a three-dimensional object.

Working With Difficult Materials (Monday 10am) With Pavlina Gardner, Leslie Johnston, Karen Schnaubelt, Gaia Eirich, Heidi Hooper. Fear not leather, pleather, velvet, or lace; use cardboard, cork board and feet that pace! Panelists will divulge secrets to handling difficult materials.

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May 19, 2019