I’ll be at the Philcon convention next weekend (November 16 – 18).  I’ll be showing my work, giving a demo, helping to judge the masquerade competition, and participating in panel discussions. Here’s my schedule:

Fri 6:00: ARTISTS THAT HAVE INFLUENCED ME [Panelists: Nathan Lilly (mod), Heidi Hooper, Alan Beck] Our panelists reveal the artists and art movements that have influenced their works

Fri 10:00: DEMO: PAINTING IN LINT WITH HEIDI HOOPER [Panelists: Heidi Hooper (mod)] Artist Heidi Hooper will show us how to collect and apply this unusual medium

Sat 1:00: HOW NOT TO DIE FROM EXPOSURE [Panelists: Nathan Lilly (mod), Lisa Hertel, Heidi Hooper, Tess Kissinger, Mike McPhail, Robert Walters] Artists are always being asked to work for exposure. When is working for free (or “on-spec”) a bad idea? When is it a good idea? How do you know the difference?

Sat 2:00 PM: ENTERING YOUR FIRST MASQUERADE [Panelists: Byron Connell (mod), Pam Smith, Heidi Hooper, Diane Kovalcin] What to expect from signing up, to receiving your first award


Sun 10:00 AM: FOUND OBJECTS AND UNCONVENTIONAL MATERIALS [Panelists: Sarah Sanders (mod), Carl Paolino, Heidi Hooper] Fabric is great, but there’s so much more out there. Let’s talk about incorporating found objects and unconventional materials in props and costumes



My latest works: Carmen Purranda (based on Carmen Miranda, of course) and Frida Katlo (based on one of my favorite artists, Frida Kahlo)!

CarmenFrida Katlo