If you’re a friend on Facebook, you know that I broke the wrist on my one good arm, so for a few months now, I have been unable to do much art. Maybe I can get in an hour a day before the pain sets in. I’m improving every day, but it’s slow going. Here is a consignment piece I did for a friend, though! Hope you like it.

The Circle

The Circle magazine for kids did a two-page full color article about my work (and even mentioned me on the cover). I’m honored!

The Seasons!

New short videos showing the progress of my “seasons” series. Each video is about 30 seconds long and shows how the pieces progressed from initial drawing to final dryer lint goodness, and how they changed along the way. Thanks to my friend Amy for doing the videos and my husband Mike for the music.


My latest series of cards is now available! They’re all 11 x 14 and of course made completely out of dryer lint. I had fun thinking of the various emotions each card should have, and what the woman of that card would look like. Hope you enjoy them!