My Lunacon schedule

I will be an artist guest at the Lunacon convention this weekend (March 18th) — one of the oldest science fiction conventions in America.  Here’s a list of the panels I will be on:

But is it Art? (Friday 5 pm): Besides drawing, painting, clay, jewelry making … what else do you do for fun and creativity?

Turning Everyday Items into a Cool Costume (Saturday noon): How to take your everyday clothes and turn them into costumes

Dryer Lint Art (Saturday 1 pm): A slide show and demonstration of my art!

Finances for Creative Professionals (Saturday 3 pm): How to keep track of your money from art sales and why you need this beyond paying your taxes. Also: grant opportunities.

Masquerade (Saturday 8 pm): I will be one of the judges of this competition

Albacon this weekend

This weekend, I am the Guest of Honor at Albacon, a fun convention in Albany, NY.  I’ll be showing my latest dryer lint pieces, doing a slide show presentation, and giving a demonstration of how I make my work. I’m very honored by this. I hope to see some of you there!


My Mysticon 2016 Schedule

I will be a guest at the Mysticon convention this weekend (with Guest of Honor George R.R. Martin). My work will be in the Art Show and I will be on the following panels:

How to Rock the Masquerade (Friday 3pm): Sit down and learn from some Masquerade veterans. They will give you some pointers on how to work your costume in a masquerade and gain the attention and adoration of the judges. With Anita Allen, Heidi Hooper, Mark MacDicken, Sarah Oliver and Matthew Penick

Opening ceremonies (Friday 4 pm): In which the Guests are introduced

The Future of Professional Artists (Friday 5 pm): The days of the healthy living from paperback cover commissions are gone. As professional artists sustain their careers by diversifying, selling directly through their websites and crowdsourcing their personal projects… what does the future hold? With Seth Banner, Shawn Durington, Heidi Hooper, Ben Mirabelli, Nathan Skreslet and JP Targete

Iron Costumer (Friday 8:30pm): Iron Costumer: Three Master Costumers will be given a time limit and a theme, they will pull in people from the audience to help them assemble a new costume. They must use the secret ingredient in each part of their costume in order to win the title of Iron Costumer! The costumes will be auctioned off in the charity auction! Participants should bring supplies with them for the creation of the costume. The “secret ingredient” will be supplied by the convention. With Heidi Hooper, Angela Pritchett and Sue Ann Ziegler

Masquerade (Saturday 7 pm): Love costumes? Be prepared to be dazzled by the incredible costumes made by fellow con-goers! Doctor Who Trivia during intermission! With Davey Beauchamp, Anita Bruckert, Billy Flynn, Heidi Hooper, Drew Meyer, Sarah Oliver, Angela Pritchett and Rich Sigfrit

I hope to see you there!

My 2016 Convention Schedule

I’ll be participating and showing my art at the following conventions this year:

February 12 – 14: Farpoint, Baltimore, MD

February 26 – 28: Mysticon, Roanoke, VA

March 4 – 6: Albacon, Albany, NY (And I’m the Artist Guest of Honor!)

March 18 – 20: Lunacon, New York, NY

April 29 – May 1: Ravencon, Williamsburg, VA

May 27 – 30: Balticon, Baltimore, MD

November 18 – 20: Philcon, Philadelphia, PA

I hope to see you there!