On the weekend of April 24th, I will be an artist guest at Ravencon, a science fiction and fantasy convention in my hometown of Richmond. I’ll be on a few panels and will be one of the judges of the Masquerade competition. It’s always great to be there and I hope I will see you there as well! splash

New pieces at A Mano Galleries

With the recent sale of “Dali in Dryer Lint” (sold to Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum) combined with¬†“Warhol in Dryer Lint” and “Picasso in Dryer Lint” ¬†(sold to an art collector), I had to rush work down to A Mano Galleries in Lambertville, New Jersey to fill empty spots on their wall. Stop by there and see “Da Vinci” and “Van Gogh”!

Dr. Who!

Look at this! A Dr. Who fan bought my dryer lint portrait of David Tennant and had him sign it. He was apparently very impressed!