New work!

I’m very happy with my two newest pieces. These were done on consignment for someone who loves foxes and ravens, so they’re not available for sale. Hope you like them! (Click on the pictures to enlarge them)foxes


My Ravencon schedule

I will be a Guest Artist at Ravencon this weekend (April 29th). It’s a fun little convention in Williamsburg, Virginia. Here’s where you can find me:

OPENING CEREMONIES (Friday 7 pm): This is where everyone is welcome and guests are introduced.

INTRODUCTION TO COSPLAY MATERIALS (Friday 8 pm): Are you new to cosplay? Then swing on by and learn the basic materials you will need to start sewing. We’ll also discuss armor making and material safety. With Kyle Ellis and Jillian Ryan

COMPETING IN COSPLAY (Saturday 10 am): Panelists will discuss what judges look for, the difference in masquerade vs. hall vs. fashion show competitions, how they are judged, what the divisions and the kinds of awards mean and other issues that will help you compete in cosplay. With Wade Cutrell, Cailin Hammer, and Jillian Ryan

DRYER LINT ART DEMO (Saturday noon): I’ll be showing how I make my unique art, along with a slide show.

PRE-JUDGING FOR THE MASQUERADE (Saturday 5 pm): Costumes will be pre-judged for workmanship and detail. I’m one of the judges along with Wade Cutrell and Loren Damewood

THE RAVENCON MASQUERADE (Saturday 6 pm): Fan costumers show off their latest creations. With a miniconcert by Jonah Knight.

BEING A PROFESSIONAL ARTIST (Sunday noon): Advice on portfolios, how to enter judged shows, how to get into galleries, and other things you hadn’t considered. With Joe Bellofatto Armand Cabrera, and Vincent Di Fate

My Lunacon schedule

I will be an artist guest at the Lunacon convention this weekend (March 18th) — one of the oldest science fiction conventions in America.  Here’s a list of the panels I will be on:

But is it Art? (Friday 5 pm): Besides drawing, painting, clay, jewelry making … what else do you do for fun and creativity?

Turning Everyday Items into a Cool Costume (Saturday noon): How to take your everyday clothes and turn them into costumes

Dryer Lint Art (Saturday 1 pm): A slide show and demonstration of my art!

Finances for Creative Professionals (Saturday 3 pm): How to keep track of your money from art sales and why you need this beyond paying your taxes. Also: grant opportunities.

Masquerade (Saturday 8 pm): I will be one of the judges of this competition

Albacon this weekend

This weekend, I am the Guest of Honor at Albacon, a fun convention in Albany, NY.  I’ll be showing my latest dryer lint pieces, doing a slide show presentation, and giving a demonstration of how I make my work. I’m very honored by this. I hope to see some of you there!