Dryer Lint Art

Making art out of dryer lint is very time consuming and tiring! That’s why it takes a long time between my pieces.

Most of my work now is 11 by 14 inches because it’s easier to deal with. However, lately I have been making my “artist tribute” pieces at a larger size (24 inches by 36 inches).

I draw the picture out on heavy poster board first. Sometimes I use a photograph as a reference, and sometimes I just draw what I like (such as the more fantasy-oriented works). I will often do a number of pieces at once, going through each color very carefully.

Because of my limitations, I can only work so many hours per day, so each piece takes many days to complete. I have no strength in my right arm and must move very slowly and carefully with the tweezers.


It’s not like I can go to the art store and buy supplies! Most of my lint comes from people who mail it from all over the world. It’s wonderful to have such support!

None of the lint I use is dyed (you can’t dye lint!) so I really appreciate everyone who sends bright colors. I don’t need grays!

To thank people who send me lint, I send out gifts every year: signed limited edition prints, cups with my artwork, gift bags, and so on.

And if you can’t spare lint but still want to support my work (and get swag), please become a patron! Even a dollar a month means a lot to me to know you support me.

If you do send lint, please pack them flat and use a piece of paper to separate each one. (The better packaged, the better the gifts you will receive!)

MAIL TO: Heidi Hooper, PO Box 333, Tannersville, Pennsylvania 18372.